Zzzzzs Are Good

Get 8 Hours of Sleep

“Sleep when you’re dead,” we say. Like it’s some badge of honor how little time we allot to it. Bullshit. The body needs its rest. Schopenhauer said that sleep is the interest we pay on the loan of life. Be glad to pay it. It’s what keeps us alive. Guard your sleep carefully, it’s an obligation. All the other habits and practices listed here become irrelevant if you don’t have the energy and clarity to do them.

2 thoughts on “Zzzzzs Are Good

  1. Sleep … during periods of my life, I experienced nightmares many nights in a row. When I was younger, I would wake up in other people’s houses.
    Nightmares persist. However, I never dread going to sleep. Sleep remains a time for great visual and emotional adventures. Daresay, exciting. I like waking and finding myself safe

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