Divided We Fall…

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Labels separate us.

I’m typically identified in my country and community as “Asian-American” because I’m 100% ethnically Korean (but I was born in Iowa). We have Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, and Native-Americans but rarely do we ever call white people European-Americans. What is the ramification of this?

Why not do away with these labels?

Who cares if someone is gay or straight? Religious or not? Conservative or Liberal? Poor or rich? Why not label everyone simply “human” and treat each other humanely?

A religious woman I know told me, “I love my gay son, but too bad he’s going to go to hell.” Labeling her son and categorizing him as a sinner effectively created an unnecessary distance and one I believe she could regret.

Labels are used to create differences. It’s time we emphasize how we are the same.

Here is an in-depth, research-based study on the effects of labeling people:

Why It’s Dangerous to Label People (Psychology Today).












5 thoughts on “Divided We Fall…

  1. This is exactly what I was talking about the other day. Factionalization. They divide us, they win. If every splinter group religion, race, gender, nutcase makes only the point for themselves where are we? Anarchy? Who cares if you’re Asian or Arabic or Native American or white euro? I’ll tell you who. Niche marketers, insurance salespeople and politicians. As long as we allow ourselves to be labeled, “they”, the labellers, win. And labels are almost like liabel. I stand with Lenny Bruce. Unweight the language of bigotry and the factionalized approach to “justice.” Make sense, not noise.

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