3 thoughts on “There Are No Retakes in Life…

  1. My wife is an English professor. The (poop) people pushing on adulthood come up with instead of doing their work… my favorite perspective is “I did the best I could on your essay.” Wait… Whose essay?

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    1. I truly believe we are doing a disservice by allowing 5th and 6th grade children to turn work in late with no penalty and to redo anything they want to – they are not learning self-discipline, focus, or how to manage time. It’s a bit scary.

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      1. If they spent as much time studying as they do on creative writing for their extended multi excuse emails they’d get it done. Her biggest hurdle is no late papers and the school has a no plagiarism policy. You’d be surprised how many sick grandmothers there are. And yes, it is a disservice. I’d hate to think of surgeons or airline pilots working with that do over mentality.

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