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Fast and Slow

There are things you ought to do quickly: running races and putting out fires come to mind.

But most things are better done slowly and with full presence: eating, visiting with friends and family, petting your dog, folding laundry, washing dishes, drawing scary rabbits…these daily activities are what make up the vast portion of your life.


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Drawing practice #25


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The Flight


Photo by Tom Barrett


Flying always makes me thirsty. Parched, actually.

I was looking forward to the refreshments when I was pleasantly surprised: the middle seat was empty and there was just one man sitting next to the window! He was short, bald and had his shirt unbuttoned a bit too low. He was Danny DeVito’s doppelganger (DD’sd) and he had a sizeable bag that he stuffed in front of his feet. I wondered if the flight attendant would tell him to move the bag.

On this flight from Vancouver to Phoenix, I planned to ask the flight attendant for a whole can of bubbly water, not the measly plastic cup with dimpled ice cubes and 2 oz of water.

But he beat me to it! 

“May I have the whole can of soda water?” DD’sd asked.

“Um, let me check. Oh! We have just one left.”

She handed him the cup of ice and can.

He got comfortable and splayed his legs diagonally, into the middle seat area. Wait a minute! That’s not his space.

With his curly chest hairs climbing out of his shirt, he plugged in and watched an in-flight movie. Judging by his laughing, it was a comedy.

He tried to laugh quietly, covering his mouth with his hand. But ten minutes into the program, he was reduced to a shaking, jittery mess of a curly-chest-haired man.

I couldn’t help it. He reminded me of myself the other night…I was laughing uncontrollably watching a video too.

His giggling fit loosened my indignation.

DD’sd had no idea that he annoyed me: taking my can of sodawater…man-spreading into the middle seat area…being happy while I was irritated. We were a lot alike, he and I. We wanted the same things: hydration and happiness.

There was no need for acrimony.

I sipped my 2 oz ginger ale, settled into my seat and read my book, completely content.





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Time is Money


Photo by Ales Krivec


My biggest inefficient use of time: preparing food for the family.

I grocery shop, of course, but I rarely think past the next meal or two. Consequently, I stress out a bit 5x/week, deciding what to cook for dinner and what to pack for lunch. We get  Blue Apron delivered 2x/week (skipping weeks where the recipes are not to our family’s liking), but then we’re either out and about and I buy the kids dinner (can’t be helped – they go to symphony practice straight from school and don’t get home until 8 or 9pm.) Or I am too tired and fussy and we eat something which I cook in a groggy state. Sometimes, it tastes halfway decent.

This Sunday, I am going to plan the entire week ahead of time, prepare it, and freeze it.

This will free up time during the weekdays (our busiest days!) and lessen stress.

I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind for a long time, but I’ve always countered it with I don’t want to cook all day Sunday.  However, I’m using those hours (Monday – Friday) when I’m at my most fatigued.

I am going to use recipes from this book:

cooking light.jpg

But I’m not sharing the title with my family. Knowing it’s healthy, they’ll decide they don’t like the meals before they even eat!