Being here


Listened to voice recordings of the girls from three years ago. Ava was 2 and Josie was 3. It made me cry, how precious they were and are and how time flies. I got up early to pack them lunches (they love that) and decided I would not raise my voice even once today. I was really “HERE” today, every minute. And you know what? I got so much out of it. Instead of thinking “I have to do laundry, I have to clean the bathroom, I should be writing….” I was really present and felt calm, loving (and dare I say it?)….happy!  This is a secret to writing also, even if you’re not actually writing with pen and paper, you are a writer. I had an intense insight to my story while sitting with the girls…it came effortlessly.

Update: I wrote 302 words last night! Now, for today….Feb. 19th.

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