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“You’re right! This game is fun!” cried Lily as she kicked and missed for the third time.

“Wait, wait, let Minji try. She’s really good,” said Carlos.

“Is that so?” Lily said as she stood back.

Minji kicked the ball over the wall of the playground.

“Oh great, now we have to get a teacher to unlock the gate to get the ball,” groaned Kevin.

“Is that so?” Lily asked as she chewed on blades of grass.

Kevin suddenly saw that it was not a big deal, having to get the ball.


“You are a formidable kicker,” Lily complimented Minji.


Samuel Adams


My fifth-grade class was conducting research on Loyalists vs Patriots pre-Revolutionary War. Students were assigned Benjamin Franklin, Lord Dunmore, Tom Hutchinson, Mercy Otis Warren, or Samuel Adams.

One of my students was perplexed.

“I have Samuel Adams and I don’t understand this word:  ‘lager'”.