This man. He is a dream come true. He flew with me from Arizona to Georgia. Packed up my mom’s belongings and loaded them on to the U-Haul. He drove for four days until we got home and get this: There was no cruise control in the truck!

And then he unloaded the truck and put the boxes in our garage. He returned it.

He’s nice to mom. He jokes with her, makes her feel welcome, and cheers her up when she’s sad about dad’s passing in July.

Today, he vacuumed and washed her car.

He is a generous spirit – with all of his family and friends. They know he would do anything for them. He is love personified.


Sisters choosing press-ons for Homecoming 

We were completing her FAFSA (college financial aid) together last night. The 17-year old had to create answers to 5 security questions. The final one: Who is your best friend? 

I wondered, will she say Bailee or Erin?

Her answer surprised me: “Ava.” Her sister.

15 years ago




What’s in an orange?


“What comes out of an orange when you squeeze it? Orange juice. Why? Because that is what is inside. When you get squeezed – that is, when someone applies pressure on you – what comes out? Stress? Anger? Hatred? Fear? Frustration? Is it because of your boss? Never. Is it because of your mother? Your children? What comes out of you is always what is inside.  It has nothing to do with the rest of the world. How does it get there? Only as you think.”

Wayne Dyer




We stopped at a Starbucks in Memphis as we made our way home to Arizona. They had cut up cards into guitar picks. I was inspired to make a multimedia page in my journal.