The Minimalists – Less is Now

The Minimalists: Less Is Now (2021) - Netflix | Flixable

I’ve been on a “minimalist” kick for a few years now. Our family regularly “purges” household items by either discarding or donating them. But after recently watching “The Minimalists-Less is Now” on Netflix, I decided to do their 30-day challenge: Day 1, get rid of one thing from your home. Day 2, two things, and so on.

I’m on Day Ten and it’s getting challenging, but I’m also seeing a nice difference. I no longer look at the same useless items in my desk drawer and push them aside to find what I need. Minimizing clutter can also facilitate your other goals (work productivity, health, etc.)

The Problem with Identity

I am reading “Freedom From the Known” by J. Krishnamurti:

“To identify ourselves with something is fairly easy. Most of us identify ourselves with something – with our family, our husband or wife, our nation – and that leads to great misery and great wars.”

He goes on to explain the chasm or “space” between our knowing selves and that which we are observing. This “space” is what keeps us from really seeing each other. Our perception of each other is really a collection of memories.

I’m not sure I’m explaining it well, but I’m finding much truth to this book.


The paint and paper look as if a boys‘ school had used it. It is stripped off—the paper—in great patches all around the head of the bed, about as far as I can reach, and in a great place on the other side of the room low down. I never saw a worse paper in my life. ..” (from The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte P. Gilman, 1892)