The Writing

I’m having a great day of writing! I swore off Facebook, and even Oprah to write all afternoon. 7,292 words on the novel thus far and there is no stopping me. I’m feeling good about the content too. I  just have to keep writing every day, keep up this progress.

Maggie cannot contain her enthusiasm about my progress!

Maggie cannot contain her enthusiasm about my novel.

I’m learning so much through this exercise. For example, did you know that corporal punishment in South Korean schools was REINSTATED in 1999? I’m also able to write about common themes which seem taboo: lack of paternal affection for sons, climbing the corporate ladder, cultural clashes. More to come…

2 thoughts on “The Writing

  1. Hey, I didn’t see my name in any of this?

    just kidding.

    I will need to read everthing you have posted.

    this will be fun.



  2. Caroline, talk about wanting to ride on your enthusiastic-writing coat tail (one word, or two?)! Sounds great! Amazing what we can get done when we lay off the distractions, eh?

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. So right on: R&R! I need it more often than I give it to myself.

    Also glad to see you posting more. Seems like you’re getting comfy with your blog-voice. (And I like the bolding choice.)

    Hi to the Willey-meister!


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