Josie’s Turn

I knocked on Josephine’s door. I could hear the girls playing. I braced myself for a scene reminiscent of a tornado aftermath  in the midwest. “Hi!” Josie grins. “We’re playing friends and pretending Ava just broke her leg.” Ava smiles from the bed, her left leg propped on a pillow. She waves.

As I help Ava practice violin, Josie likes to (occasionally) type something on my laptop. Here’s Josie’s “story” thus far:

Hi my name is Josephine but you can call me Josie if you want. My nick name is evil princess because I’m evil and I’m a princess to. Named latte. He is very cute. I have a little sister she is named Ava. I love her. And I have a mom and dad. I have a dog she is named Maggie. She is 8 years of age. I live in Boulder Mountain. My friends are Brooke, Megan, and my best friend is Ava. My only sister I love so much. We get in fits but we get back together as soon as possible. Today is October 26, 2009. And the time is 7:44 .P.M. very late time for my bed time.

I like to read books play games like freeze tag and other silly games with my friends. And on Wednesday I have Violin which is a type of instrument.

My grandma is coming today. I AM THRILD TO DAETH TO SEE MY GRANDMA!       We are going to have so much fun! We are going to pay hide and seek and play all sorts of stuff. She is leaving on Sunday which is the sad part. She will be coming any second now just wait. My dog Maggie barfed on the floor I now it’s not pleasing but she did. And another thing today is that a girl named Maggie she said brat do you think I’m a brat I hope not. Well what can I say she is a brat.

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