Signs of a good daddy can be found anywhere, even on his nightstand.

Ava's Book

I admit, I am quick to point out his flaws, so here are (some) kudos to the father of my children:

  • Grits his teeth and suffers silently  as Ava reads about “The Secret Unicorn.” (She just finished “Barbie’s World”).
  • Is extremely patient as he points out mathematical errors and doesn’t get angry when Josie sighs heavily while correcting them.
  • Attempts to check homework and often digresses to lecturing about the origins of Man.
  • Is the girls’ biggest fan when it comes to Suzuki practice (“stop playing the CD and get started playing, girls!”)
  • Plays Hide and Go Seek with the girls, only occasionally pretending to seek them while he sits in his chair, playing Solitaire on his iPod.

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