I received BOTH of these in the mail yesterday.


 The truth is, advertisers are always gathering information on you. When you shop at Target, Walmart, online retail and the grocery store, they collect your data and then you get like-minded coupons and ads in the mail (real and virtual). Once in awhile, they go “phishing” and send you baby-related items. Why? Because it’s the biggest moneymaker in their business.

If you’re having  a baby, you need all KINDS of items and new parents are generally too sleep-deprived to drive further for a good deal or to pay attention to reduced items. Also, if you’re running to the store to get diapers, you might as well stock up on wipes, ointments, formula and onesies because who knows when you’ll get out of the house again? Retailers know that once they have you in the store, they HAVE you.

So. They’re phishing.

But, no babies here.

Go fish!

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