By Gum!

I kept hearing about this news today: Due to a lack of randomized clinical trials to prove flossing effective, the Federal government has dropped the recommendation of flossing in their guidelines.

And now (some) people are breathing a sigh of relief, putting their floss down and going to bed.

I floss every single night. And I know it’s cleaning the area between my gums and teeth because I SEE evidence (not to get too graphic). So I’m going to continue to floss. I’m pretty sure if I stopped now, my gums would be worse for wear.




The only reason this is news is because the media thinks we’ll be angry and we love to be angry. I’m not angry. I get it. It’s common sense. Flossing is good. They haven’t had a wide ranging, vigorous study. People don’t want to participate in a study where someone flosses their teeth for 20 years. Do you blame ’em?

My advice, only floss the teeth (and gums) you want to keep.




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