Angels Do Exist


Today, I attended a professional conference because someone believes in me and submitted my name. I felt fortunate all day.

While I was leaving the parking lot, one of the attendees knocked on my window.

“You have a flat tire. Do you want me to help you?”

I wish I could have waved him away, but I’ve never changed one.

“Yes, please. Oh thank you,” I was embarassed.

He took the tire off after much struggling.

Another attendee (who was fortunate enough to park right next to me), offered his assistance, as well.

Long story short, I made it to Discount Tire. They gave me a loaner while my new tire makes its way to me by Monday.

I was able to call my friend for help. She picked my daughters up from school and deposited them in time to the optometrist.

Angels. All four: the mentor, the two samaritans and my friend.

There is negativity in the air, no doubt. But there are good people everywhere. If those two gentlemen had not helped me, someone would have come by. I know it.We all have friends who will come to our aid in times of need.

Let’s be grateful. There are more good people than not.





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