Kids and Socializing

We took a Red Eye yesterday from Mesa, AZ to Crystal City, VA with one layover. Fueled solely on excitement and junk food, 28 8th graders gleefully walked to the Newseum. They read about the history of journalism and watched a sobering video on 9/11. The kids sat in suspended disbelief while the adults cried in remembrance.
As we walked everywhere,  I brought up the rear of the group to maintain our number of 28. It was hard to prod kids normally taking selfies to “rush” their snaps of cherry blossoms.

One overheard conversation:

“Why don’t you eat cheese?”

“I gave it up for Lent.”


“Cheese is really hard to give up! I mean, REALLY hard!
At the end of the day, I asked kids,  “What has been your favorite part of the trip thus far?”

They thought for a long minute. 

“Being able to do everything here with my friends.”

Isn’t that what makes everything better?

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