Saturday Suggestion (A Cure at Last!)


My daughter has had chronic stomach problems for as long as we can remember. Often, she has to lie down for an hour or two after eating and it doesn’t matter what it is she ate. Sometimes gluten is bad, sometimes it’s OK. Sometimes fruit is good, sometimes it causes her immense pain.

It got to the point that she’d have stomach pain before she ate in anticipation of the digestive problems.

Of course, stress and anxiety did not help matters.

She took TUMS and every other medicine she could possibly take after eating.

We took her to Children’s Phoenix Hospital and ran tests. No ulcers and no cause could be identified except “sensitivity” to certain foods. It was frustrating.

And then her friend’s father told her he has IBS too, and that these enzyme pills helped him a lot.

And they do! She’s still trying to figure out the timing: take pills half an hour before eating? An hour? And it’s challenging to remember to take them before eating…but they are definitely better than not taking them.

They are also pricey. This bottle of 90 pills cost $68.45 on Amazon. But the smile on her face and the newfound energy makes it worth it!



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