Who Gives a Crap?

Costco shopping and the hoarders were back at it again. Hopped on “Who Gives a Crap” to order toilet paper and help the world. My friend Karen told me about them during the last hoarding phase:

  • 100% recycled paper;
  • They donate 50% of their profits to build toilets around the world (helping over 2 billion people thus far);
  • partnered with companies who help build sanitation systems and provide clean water

One thought on “Who Gives a Crap?

  1. India has a sanitation problem and claim to rectified it by building toilets all over and making them accessible. The issue has been maintenance and fear that pooping in a toilet in the house is not as clean as pooping on the railroad tracks. Maybe not, but I’d wager that it’s safer. And roughly 44% of the population, access or not, are still following the example of the Charmin bears. Which would give rise to a whole new batch of rhetorical responses along the lines of what bears do in the woods. Eeek!

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