Eau de Vacation

Solana Beach….spring break…ahh!

beachWe traveled to meet up with my brother, his lovely wife and my adorable niece. This was an auspicious visit as I had my mother in tow! She was looking forward to spending a few days with three of her five grandchildren.  The first day was spent at SeaWorld. No, I haven’t seen the Killer Whale documentary, but I’m grateful so many people did and decided to boycott the place. We didn’t have to wait in any lines!

It was pleasantly s p a c i o u s.

Next day, we went to the Air and Space Museum where Willey thoroughly enjoyed himself. Josie and Ava were at first bummed about being there, but quickly realized the hands on kids’ activities and we all experienced our first ever 4-D movie theater film!  A series of four 5 minute roller coaster type animations were played and our chairs moved in tandem to the action. Literally, we felt we were on a roller coaster! Hungry, we made our way to downtown San Diego and thanks to Yelp, I found a Korean/Chinese/Japanese fusion restaurant. My mom had endured 48 hours of no rice at this point and she was melting. East Asian Diner was not so bad, we ate the hot pot rice dishes: beef and tofu. The kimchi was good and my mother was able to exhale at last.

Finally, we went to the beach down the street from our hotel. We love the great girlsexpanse of sand, ocean air and sun.  The girls jumped right in, went as far as the surfers were, and tried to ride the waves, without boards. Willey and I took a walk, my mother watched on, worried and then walked the beach too. 

If only I could bottle the experience, “eau de vacation.” It would smell like the ocean, kimchi and SeaWorld pizza. Ahhhh!