oh nuts!


I just realized my promise to myself to post a new blog every Friday. How did this happen? It’s almost 10pm, I’m tired and I have AEPA tests all day tomorrow, starting at 8am sharp and here I am writing in a frenzy.

OK. Update on my writing. Most of it was done in my head. Hahahaha! Seriously. I do a lot of thinking about it, but not much on paper. I have been doing journal writing which has helped my mood considerably.  I did make one BIG decision regarding John E. Lee – the focus will be on his life in contrast to his father’s and how they have practically no relationship. It’s going to be difficult, because a man’s relationship to his father is so different from a daughter’s….but I’m excited when I think about it. Some people have suggested I focus on his love life, but I’m not inspired there at all.  Not that he can’t have a love life (he will!) but that won’t be the focus. I hope to have a great short story and then turn it into a novel.  I just have to get it out of my head and on to paper.

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