The Bike Ride


I rode my bike home from work twice last week. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for several years, but was afraid to try. The route home includes driving alongside very busy traffic and crossing two freeway ramps. But I (finally) conquered my fears and did it!

While riding, I couldn’t help but see how riding a bike home was analogous to life: there are choices you make that send you off (literally) on a different path. Every bit of the way, you make choices:

  • smile or don’t smile at those you encounter;
  • appreciate nature (or don’t);
  • follow the rules/laws (or take dangerous risks);
  • breathe and enjoy the journey OR stress and rush to get to your destination

All journeys (literal and figurative) share a common theme: It’s beneficial to look ahead and do a little planning (to be prepared), but most pleasant and constructive to be fully present.

It is rarely helpful to look back.





oh nuts!


I just realized my promise to myself to post a new blog every Friday. How did this happen? It’s almost 10pm, I’m tired and I have AEPA tests all day tomorrow, starting at 8am sharp and here I am writing in a frenzy.

OK. Update on my writing. Most of it was done in my head. Hahahaha! Seriously. I do a lot of thinking about it, but not much on paper. I have been doing journal writing which has helped my mood considerably.  I did make one BIG decision regarding John E. Lee – the focus will be on his life in contrast to his father’s and how they have practically no relationship. It’s going to be difficult, because a man’s relationship to his father is so different from a daughter’s….but I’m excited when I think about it. Some people have suggested I focus on his love life, but I’m not inspired there at all.  Not that he can’t have a love life (he will!) but that won’t be the focus. I hope to have a great short story and then turn it into a novel.  I just have to get it out of my head and on to paper.