2,408 words

That’s the word count I have on my novel. I am THRILLED when I write 300 words in one day. I’m very happy with the ideas I have on paper so far. It’s amazing how a story develops as you write. The writing process will always satisfy me.

We had a minor tragedy this evening. I told Josie and Ava to clean Ava’s room (they both made the mess) before dinner. Ava emerges 10 minutes later and says, “mom, will you please help me clean my room? Josie isn’t helping me.” I looked around for Josie. Our bathroom door was locked. Willey and Josie were in there, having a serious conversation. I told them that Josie better come out and help her sister clean up! Willey replied, “yes, Caroline, she will. Just give her a minute.” So I did. Then he comes out and tells me that we have a slight tragedy of sorts….Josie has cut her own hair and is extremely upset for two reasons: one, she doesn’t like it. Two, she’s very fearful of my reaction. “So, please, don’t yell at her. She cried a large puddle already.”  I was curious about the new ‘do.

JiMin asked “what’s wrong with Josephine?” I told her what I knew. Ava said, “I saw her. Her hair looks like this”:  she fanned her fingers above her forehead.

Josie ran to her room crying hysterically. I went in and calmed her down. “I don’t want to be punished!” she yelled. “OK, I’m not going to punish you, but you need to have a consequence. Ava cleaned her room all by herself. And I had to help a little bit. You were supposed to help her clean it.”  Josie readily agreed.

“So, I’m giving Ava a magnet.”

“And taking one of mine away?”

“No, you just don’t get one. But you can earn one tomorrow. You’ll have to do something extra to help.”

Josie liked this idea. We then had our curry and read books and did some math (adding three different digits).

Now, I write this blog, my eyes burning from fatigue. It’s not even 9pm yet. I still have to write up my summer school course descriptions for the catalog and email it tonight. Luckily, I wrote my 300 words already.

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