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Yummy in the Tummy

Father's Day 002 Went to an Indian restaurant for Father’s Day. Indian cuisine is one of Willey’s favorites. Ava pouted because she loves Mexican – Chilero’s to be exact. Oh well. It’s FATHER’s DAY, we pointed out to her. We’ll go to Chilero’s another time. “The next time,” she made us promise. This 6 year old holds us hostage to her desires. Our children have a way of doing that. Although there were only three tables of guests, the food was slow in coming. Josie complained that she perused my entire book “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” in that time. At last, the food arrived and we weren’t disappointed. It was fantastic. Lamb vindaloo, chicken kabobs (both too spicy for the girls), jasmine rice, and wonderful garlic naan. The girls enjoyed the carb fare while Willey and I feasted on all dishes. It was getting late and the girls are super busy this week with summer school (ceramics, painting, writing (with me) and math (with me)) in the morning and then Boredom Busters in the afternoon until their swim lesson in the evening. Whew! They are loving it though, sure beats watching TV! I had to tear Willey away from the waiter who was listening to how our brother-in-law is Indian and how Willey’s father grew up in India and how Willey could absolutely live on this food forever.

Ava pouted until the dinner arrived (which, I just mentioned took a looooong time in coming). So we gave her the camera and free reign of the place. From Ava's point of view

From Ava’s point of view

She held a smile back (couldn’t give her parents satisfaction) and started snapping. Willey and I silently worried that she’d drop the expensive camera on the concrete floor, but she didn’t.

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