Poetry – sort of

Staying at home is dandy

Though I’ve gained weight from

Boredom and candy

Still fun to play – my way – each day

Instead of preparing for work, it’s vacay!

I desire to write, and perchance to dream

In solitude, replete with silence

Three cups of coffee with Splenda and cream

A perfect day for creative thoughts

Yet I can hear the girls’ giggles and talks

My days are busy, it’s true

The dog wants to play – she follows me

But it’s hot! At sunrise it’s 102!

Monkey mind is everywhere

Like the dirty dishes, floors and underwear

Still, I cannot complain

It’s the lack of focus on my part

my utter laziness I disdain

for the blank pages in my notebook

are second to my decision to cook

instilled in my family’s life

are love, fun and connections

I’m a mother, a teacher and wife

Published or not, I know this

I am loved and my life is bliss

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