When I was sixteen, I subscribed to “Cosmopolitan” Magazine. I was young and dumb. I spent good money to receive a thick magazine full of ads and editorials, telling me the definition of beauty was to be rail thin. It advertised things that were well out of my reach money-wise. It did very little for me.

Since then, I’ve gotten wiser. I subscribe to “Sunset Magazine” which touts itself as the premier home and living magazine of the West. I learn about great shops and restaurants, home decor ideas, ideal plants for my yard, and time-saving (yet delicious) recipes. Most of the information provides timeless value.

Subscriptions should provide benefits. It should feel like a gift. When you subscribe to blogs, newsletters, magazines, wine of the month clubs, etc. where you pay ahead of time (if at all) and receive something on a regular basis, it ought to leave you happy and grateful, like a present.


As the year comes to a close, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your subscriptions. What’s automatically coming to your door or inbox? Does it provide value and joy? Does it fulfill someone else’s purpose or yours?





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