A Good Time

tammbr4okv4-ian-schneider (1).jpg

I hosted the 7th/8th grade winter dance at school tonight.

For two weeks, about 20 of them painted the stage and turned tissue paper into flowers. They taped paper vines to walls and duct taped strings of lights to the basketball hoops. They stayed for hours after school. They shopped for their outfits.

At last! The Dance. Watching the kids come in, shy at first -dressed in their finest-was humbling.

A group of 13 and 14 year old kids. They want to have a good time. They care about one another and just want to laugh and dance. Boys shyly ask girls to dance. They dance and girls sigh in relief. First slow dance. First picture with a crush.

They hold hands and run around in circles, laughing to their favorite songs.

They snack on chips and drink punch.

They dream of high school, college, falling in love, getting jobs.

I hope we don’t let them down.



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