Morning Doodle


He sighs as I speak

I’m his teacher

why talk about guns?

He loves them

I recount my weekend

driving up steep hills to find a lake

gunshots all around me

men with rifles and cans of beer (target shooting)

My dog was quivering beneath the seat

I express my distaste of weapons

Have I crossed a line?

THE line?

It’s a funny time…


When two comes before one


3 thoughts on “Amending…

  1. I believe weapons are a necessary evil because there will always be crazy and cruel people, and people wanting control over the lives of others. I distaste the abuse of them – when they are not used for protecting our family & others. It’s disgusting that you and we cannot always enjoy the beauty of nature without riff-raff disrupting every creatures’ peace. It is also un-just that our children have to learn that some people enjoy killing.

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  2. A healthy respect, or disrespect, for something can do lasting harm is a good thing. If more people thought about thir automobiles the same way they decry guns or proclaim gun safety we’d all be better off. Beer and guns is the same thing as pharmacueticals and car keys. Incredibly stupid, irresponsible, and dangerous.

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