6 thoughts on “Can I See I.D. Please?

  1. …. the assumption is that people under 18 might buy glue and guns and that the law protects them from being harmed by glue or guns? I dont know …. and that once you are 18, you don’t require the same protection, I guess ? I don’t know… really, it might just mean that glue and guns are illegal to buy for those under 18 and legal to buy for those 18 and over. The law has nothing to do with how people are going to use glue or guns, I guess, cuz the law isn’t saying that, you can’t buy glue if you intend to huff it or put up posters deemed offensive to the NRA … this all means that someone under 18 will face consequences if they buy glue or guns … I guess. And that people 18 and over can buy glue and guns won’t face consequences… I don’t know.
    Law is such a tricky subject … you need to spend years studying it at university to understand it, from what I know. 🙂

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