Sunday Suggestion


Having just adopted (another) pitbull mix dog, we realized she’s pretty wild. When we walk her around the neighborhood, people react with mixed reactions: delight, fear and a combination of both. She’s cute:


However, she has a very loud, ferocious bark and it scares people.  Barking at our guests is absolutely unacceptable and we’re working on it.

Luckily, there are numerous effective resources on the internet:

Cesar Millan is always a surebet;

If your dog bites;

Teach your dog tricks!

Working with your dog is invaluable. There are no shortcuts. Believe me, it’s challenging and I’ve been tempted (more than once) to simply purchase a “shock collar” or something that will make it all easier. But I want her to be well-trained and reliable. I want to be able to control my dog.

So, it’s off to purchase more treats and do the work. Each morning, I play fetch with each to get their exercise in. As Cesar Millan says, their bodies need to be exercised so that their brains can work well!




2 thoughts on “Sunday Suggestion

  1. Gotta walk ’em. Manners are another issue. And pit bulls scare people. We were walking our Irish through the park one time and big female pit came racing across the park. My wife and I saw the carnage coming. The pit skidded to a stop and raced around, looking to play and sniff and run away and do it all again. Then again, a couple of loose pits killed a woman in South Dallas not long ago. N the dogs’ fault. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

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    1. Exactly, Phil! It’s the owners! My daughter asked if we were going to take Pit#2 to dog obedience school. I said, “No, we already went. That school was for US and now we know what to do!”

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