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My daughter and I went to the animal shelter today to inquire about volunteer opportunities. The minimum age is 16, so Ava will have to wait another year…but she fell in love in the meantime. The dog’s name is Maya.

While we were there, a young lady was returning a dog she adopted a few days ago. The dog was too “feisty” and energetic. It’s too bad she was not willing to put in the time and energy necessary to train the dog.

Our Opal was a bit hyper when we first got her. We had to get a crate for her when we realized that she has separation anxiety. She nearly clawed her way through a wall to find us our first time we went out to dinner and left her home. She still prefers to be in her crate when we’re away.

Love means giving your time and attention.


Rescue Me!

This is Molly.

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Hold me.

My father-in-law and his wife adopted her. Her previous owners took her to the bathroom and cut her ears off with scissors. They tried to make her look evil and menacing, like them. But she’s so sweet. She thinks she’s a Maltese and lies in your lap – all 80lbs. of her.

This is Maya.

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Pet me. Please. Here. Now.

My sister-in-law, Caitlin, rescued her and then realized that Maya needed a lot of physical space to run around in. So my FIL and his wife also have Maya. She’s besties with Molly. She looks fierce, but is the kindest and most empathetic dog I’ve ever known.


And this is Opal.

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If I sit still, do I get a treat?


We got her from a local shelter, the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control. She was fur and bones and extremely fearful. Her previous owner beat her with sticks and abused her with the hose. So she’s afraid of water…and the rake…and pool net…but she’s much better now.

Yes, adopting a dog (or cat) from the shelter is saving a life. But Opal saves us each day. She reminds us to smell the lamp post flowers, and to run in fields and eat voraciously. She reminds us of the importance of naps and back rubs. She meditates in the hot Arizona sun. She loves us and she never wants to be away from us.

Consider adopting a pet today. If you can’t, maybe you can donate money to one.  Animals need you!