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My daughter and I went to the animal shelter today to inquire about volunteer opportunities. The minimum age is 16, so Ava will have to wait another year…but she fell in love in the meantime. The dog’s name is Maya.

While we were there, a young lady was returning a dog she adopted a few days ago. The dog was too “feisty” and energetic. It’s too bad she was not willing to put in the time and energy necessary to train the dog.

Our Opal was a bit hyper when we first got her. We had to get a crate for her when we realized that she has separation anxiety. She nearly clawed her way through a wall to find us our first time we went out to dinner and left her home. She still prefers to be in her crate when we’re away.

Love means giving your time and attention.


3 thoughts on “Rescue

  1. So is Maya a Wipff? I think to myself how well you and your husband have raised your two girls. (Really we know where they get their humbleness and gratitude from, right CW? Jk WW 😉! )I mean for one to be out and working and the other already wanting to volunteer. Especially with living and breathing helpless animals that she will give a voice too. Because both of you have taught them the power of their voices. You both have done extremely well and Caroline, my dear friend, you deserve a nice BIG glass of wine. ❤️ You! Miss You!

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    1. I miss you Georganne! I hope all is good! We’re changing Maya’s name to “Olive.” She doesn’t respond to Maya anyway. 🙂 In about three hours now….can hardly wait! Your words are so sweet. I feel blessed with family and friends like you!


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