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Meliora: Always Better

“Make it a great day!”

be free.jpg

I kiss my daughters and say this as they start their day. Make – not have – a good day. They complain about “the stress” at school and in life. They are (soon-to-be 13) and 14. Stress. It’s a choice. Honestly. They are still learning this. My parents grew up in a country that was a battlefield. Korean War civilians know actual lack of food, closed schools and physically/emotionally battered families.

And me? I walked to school many miles – uphill – both to and from! Ok. I didn’t.

It’s the closing of the year and there is a lot going on. People feel “stress.” Don’t buy into it. Ask yourself an empowering question:

How can you be better today than you were yesterday?

Less petty?

Less passive?

Less complaining?

Do it.

Being better every day is how you reach your goals. It’s how you make a  happy life.

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