Word Nerd Undeterred


Four 4th grade girls stand around, bored. I grab a board game out of the recreation wagon. “Here, play this, it’s super fun!”

They break into teams. Each has a pencil and paper. They shake the word box more violently than necessary.

“FUM!” Yells one girl with glee.


“Fum” is not a word!

Yes it is! Fee-Fi-Fo-FUM!


Mrs. Wipff, could you look up fum? Is it a word?

I look it up. “Well, according to Wikipedia, it IS a word: Fum is a traditional Catalan Christmas carol.”

The group disbands shortly after that.

Too many words. Kind of boring.

Boggle is the bomb! How can they call it boring? Maybe I’m just a word nerd.

2 thoughts on “Word Nerd Undeterred

  1. Its the attention span thing. If it isn’t colorful, wiggle across the screen, tell you how smart you are before it explodes, it isn’t any fun. That’s from Grandparents lesson in card and other so-o ancient games #14. Papa, can I play guitar? Not the real one, on your iPad?


    1. Agreed. I think it’s (now) the job of educators and parents to model enthusiasm for these “old school” types of activities. Because when they get into it, they really do enjoy it. I can’t help but feel they’re missing out on a lot! Thank you for your feedback!


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