Political Detox

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I’m definitely happier, more present-minded and productive when I abstain from news watching.

In fact, I’ve substituted it with comedy watching:


Brooklyn 99

Any John Mulaney stand-up program…



To Parents and Guardians of Kids Under 16

By Sergey Pesterev

Teaching your teenager how to drive is a thankless job. Don’t expect appreciation. Laugh off the frustration, anger and stress. It’s our job to teach them to drive well and safely. They have no idea how many new gray hairs have sprouted because they almost hit that car/curb/bicyclist. They have no idea how it feels (for the adult passenger) to be completely powerless as they hit the accelerator and then the brakes. They don’t know that they are steering a 4,000 lb weapon.

Just try to stay present and calm. Try. To. Be. Calm.

It will pay off!


The End


I was working on the back cover art and came up with the illustration shown above.

Feedback from my family:

“That first little chameleon is so cute!”

“Um, that second one is humping the dad.”

“Yeah, why’s she humping his dad?”

Lots of laughing.

I started over. There were murmurs that the second baby chameleon was doing something x-rated to the sibling.

“Move the second chameleon up higher, she still looks like she’s humping her dad.”

<Heavy sigh>

Despite the pain, feedback IS valuable.

I’m going with this one:


I just need to make the cover and I’ll be ready to start the self-publishing process…

Page 22*


Many years later, when Kevin was in his backyard with his children, his daughter Ava cried out, “Dad! Josie is cheating at Tag!”

Kevin said just one thing.

“Is that so?”


*Kevin the Complainer




Domestic Distraction


I sat down to work on my Teachers’ National Board Certification.

I got a lot done:

Three loads of laundry, the dishes, my car, and refrigerator are clean, and my dog got a bath.

And now this post.

Ok. Here I go. I’m really going to do it.


Samuel Adams


My fifth-grade class was conducting research on Loyalists vs Patriots pre-Revolutionary War. Students were assigned Benjamin Franklin, Lord Dunmore, Tom Hutchinson, Mercy Otis Warren, or Samuel Adams.

One of my students was perplexed.

“I have Samuel Adams and I don’t understand this word:  ‘lager'”.