Carpe Diem

When my daughters (14 and 15) are grown and living on their own, I hope they miss me and call me often.  I hope they visit. 

We’re in middle of high school angst: social issues, the need to be more independent,  and stress of grades. On some days, I feel like I am nagging incessantly. It can be drive a wedge between us. 

The 14 year old went out with friends so I pounced on the opportunity.

“Josie, want to go out for lunch with me?”


“Anywhere you want.”

She chose a Japanese restaurant and had the chicken teriyaki bento box. I had the California roll. She told me funny stories about her friends and how she feels anxious,  even when on vacation.  I was careful to just listen and sympathize.  

We had a wonderful time.

One thought on “Carpe Diem

  1. I always though carpe diem was fish of the day. Really. Listen more, talk less always works. Refraining from inquisition is a good rule. They’re old enough to know better, all they need to know is that you really do care about them. Not their grades or accomplishments, they have that handled (until senioritis). They need to know they’re important, not what they do. Sort of like Wollstonecraft’s “Emancipation.” Who they are, not what they do or who they married.(or will). Kids. Whew.


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