Sisters choosing press-ons for Homecoming 

We were completing her FAFSA (college financial aid) together last night. The 17-year old had to create answers to 5 security questions. The final one: Who is your best friend? 

I wondered, will she say Bailee or Erin?

Her answer surprised me: “Ava.” Her sister.

15 years ago






I’m playing around with new techniques and styles. I really like this artist, Olivier Tallec. I emulated copied his illustration to see how he managed the shadow on the wolf’s face. I like his color choice and the graphite pencils he used. I don’t have any…I tried pencil and chalk and didn’t like either. Just placed an order for graphite pencils and I’m excited to use them!

Rhymes with Dress


“Whenever you are stressed, it is because whatever is happening at that moment is what you don’t want to be happening.”

Oprah Winfrey

A critical step in minimizing your own stress is to accept your present moment.


“If you need ‘likes’ on your social media account, you are in pain. Because … you are asking someone else to give you the value…to tell you how much you are worth. And as long as you are in pain, you’re going to act unconsciously.”

Gary Zukav,