Melancholy Volley

My husband turned the TV on and a college game appeared.

“Are the 49ers playing tomorrow?”  I asked.


“Who do they play?”

“The Seattle Seahawks.”

“Sounds like a game they’ll lose.” (I just said this to goad him. I don’t watch football and have no idea who is “strong” and who is “weak.”)

“Oh, they’re going to lose all right! The Niners suck…”

“You don’t sound like a very good fan.”

“Just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I’m stupid.”


Photo by Keith Johnston





2 thoughts on “Melancholy Volley

  1. Sad. I have been up and down with the Niners since my youth and before Joe Montana when they couldn’t beat a Girl Scout troop. Being a fan means being a realist. History says there’s hope!


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