Romantic Interlude

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“What’s wrong with dad? He looks like he lost his best friend.” Josie says.

I look at my husband sitting at the end of the pool. He does look forlorn.


“Are you OK? You look sad.”

“Yeah. I’m just considering the preseason injuries the 49ers sustained. It doesn’t look good.”

“Oh well, I’m sure sitting here worrying will help,” I chuckle.

“And we have the pool cover on wrong.”

“I’ll help you turn it over.”

“And I’m still fat*. I look in the mirror and I just don’t want to be this fat.”

“Why don’t you exercise? Make it fun?”

“No, it’s too hot for fun.”

“OK, Eeyore. Have it your way.”


We both laugh.


*see post about his weight loss. He’s lost over 15 lbs in the past two months!

Melancholy Volley

My husband turned the TV on and a college game appeared.

“Are the 49ers playing tomorrow?”  I asked.


“Who do they play?”

“The Seattle Seahawks.”

“Sounds like a game they’ll lose.” (I just said this to goad him. I don’t watch football and have no idea who is “strong” and who is “weak.”)

“Oh, they’re going to lose all right! The Niners suck…”

“You don’t sound like a very good fan.”

“Just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I’m stupid.”


Photo by Keith Johnston