Mean Girls

My 15-year-old daughter went to the bathroom at school today. She didn’t feel well. There was another girl in there – a waif with thin blond hair who looked like she was on meth.  The Daughter felt self-conscious, barfing into the toilet.  Outside her stall, the waif snickered. Suddenly, the lights went out. The door slammed shut.

Shrouded in darkness, she had to feel her way around to the light switch. Retching and bewildered, she cried. She’s still out there, waiting to see my reaction.

So when the tears stopped, she rinsed her face.

The waif was waiting. The Daughter walked out, head held high.

As she told me the story, she started to shake.

“Why did she do that, mom? She knew I was sick. She could have asked if I was OK and if I needed anything. Why would she do that? Why would she be so mean?”

I didn’t know what to say. Mean people have always existed, like cockroaches. They’re vile, but they must serve a purpose somehow.

“It wasn’t you. It was her. This was not personal, she didn’t even know you. She’s obviously very unhappy and wounded.” I hugged her and told I was sorry that it happened.

I was aware of several facts all at once:

  • that I wanted to exact revenge on The Waif;
  • that mean people will hurt my children and everyone I love many times over;
  • that we will never know why people do cruel things; and
  • that I have very little control over anything.

All we can do is be our best and be kind and provide love and comfort to each other.

And practice drawing octopodes.

IMG-0834 (2).JPG

5 thoughts on “Mean Girls

  1. I wanted to add, the semester my daughter had to ride the bus as the new kid? I wanted to hit the bus door and turn into the Hulk and scare some manners into a bunch of rude kids. Maybe even drop their parents’ houses, knock on the door. I didn’t. t’s part and parcel of growing up these days. That’s not to say it doesn’t suck and there’s a good answer for your kids…

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  2. “This friend told me some people are jealous, or angry or just mean. They beat it on people they don’t know, even people they do know, just to make themselves feel better. He said there’s nothing you can do about it but keep your head out of theirs.”

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  3. What you wrote about needed to be said. People can be cruel but we don’t have to stoop to their level. We show our children the right things/ways and love them through everything.

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