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Art is in the Eye of the Beholder

I is for Illustrating

I’m teaching myself how to illustrate. There are so many resources online:

Creative Bug

I don’t have a goal, per se. But it’d be nice if I could illustrate my own books. I just know that I am loving this process. I sit down with my pencils, art pens, watercolor, paper and coffee (or other nice beverage, wink, wink, nudge, nudge) and draw!

My first sketch

*Alphabiography post


Personal Success

Beginner’s Mind

Photo by Joanna Kosinka

Beginner’s Mind is a term in Buddhist thought referring to how fresh “things” are to someone who is just beginning. I am a beginner when it comes to art (just completed my first online class)!  Our society tends to laugh or look down at beginners. But when and how else are you to get good? You have to start at the beginning.

I love learning about basic lines and curves and putting them together to create art. Wow. I surrendered to it. I don’t judge. I just draw. Using Skillshare’s free classes (to start with), I took “Become a Pencil Ninja.”  After completing it, my eye caught one of the feedback comments, “This is a perfect class for children.” I had to laugh…for children, indeed. I am a child when it comes to drawing.

Next up: a self portrait. This looks like it will be much more challenging!



Skillshare is pretty cool. You can teach classes as well ask take them. Check them out!













Sunday Funnies #3

A Josie Wipff Creation    6/26/16

Whenever we are out and about, Josie will spot a hole-in-the-wall pseudo-Asian restaurant with a neon sign advertising “Teriyaki”. She inevitably exclaims, “Teriyaki, mom! Please? Let’s try that place?”  She loves teriyaki chicken so much, she once told me she had a dream that she was eating it and when she work up, she was smacking her lips.

The last time I relented, she said:

“Is there a place called Teriyaki? Because if there is, I’m SO going there.”

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Delicious – highly pleasing to the senses, esp. to taste or smell. (

Painting this in my kitchen was a delicious experience.


I love tiramisu. I love painting, drawing and writing.  But I don’t do it as often as I like because I’m so “busy.”  I know this is a cop out. I have plenty of time to write, draw, paint, play with my daughters, and eat tiramisu. So why don’t I do it more often?

Because I’m supposed to be working.  Because there is a house to clean, people to feed, bills to pay and tiramisu has too many calories.

But….all of that is delicious! Playing Uno with my daughters is highly pleasing, writing this blog gives me joy, and eating tiramisu, well…it’s divine!  Why do we (especially mothers) deprive ourselves of joy? Why do we allow other people and things to come before our own desires?  We’re afraid of being called “selfish.” But I believe that if we are happy people, we will be all the better as mothers, wives, friends, teachers, nurses, lawyers, daughters, writers and whoever else we are.

So paint, do your yoga, change your job, say “no,” and eat dessert.

This is your life.








Personal Success

I read an article and got inspired.

1948180_10152141761378025_1457480227_nIra Glass says the key to success is plain old hard work. Keep working, don’t think too much about it. FINISH!  And I’ve always wanted to be able to draw or paint and I know I’m not good at it – YET. So I sat down despite all the “work” I have to do (lesson plans, consulting work, a short story I want to finish) and I made art. It barely looks like opal. When I showed it to Josie, she said, “Um, I like the colors.” Ava hugged me because the criticism stung so badly.

But I shall persevere.