Why Finish Strong?


“Finish strong!”

If you’ve ever run a marathon (or half of one)….

or participated in a fitness class….

You hear this exclamation: Finish strong!

finish line
Lifehacker.com (Josie is on vacation)

But why finish strong? Do people just say it so you don’t quit?

What’s wrong with 80 or 90% completion? Running 80% of a marathon is still running 20.96 miles. That’s a really long distance. Most people would commend you just for that. Most people would say you’re a super star. Most people don’t even give 50%.

But you would know you quit.

You would know that you didn’t quite finish.

And then you’ve created a bit of distrust in yourself.

When you create distrust (in yourself), you create self-doubt. And then you are less likely to take risks or complete tasks.

So, it’s important that you finish strong. A lot rides on it!








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