Esther and Mia Owe Me

During this self-publishing quest, I logged into my CreateSpace account (the one I opened yesterday). They prompted me to provide my EIN (Employer Identification Number). Basically, if you’re going to make money publishing, then you need a Tax ID#. Mind you, I signed up for a wonderful course on Udemy last spring and got about 67% through it when I decided to take a break. It also recommended that I secure an EIN.

I applied for an EIN and I received it.

I then lost track of it.

And I just spent (no jokeTWO HOURS trying to track it down. I just found it.

I’m going to bed now.

So there you have it, that is my progress on the self-publication journey. Not stellar. Not satisfying. C’est la vie.

If you’re following along and pursuing self-publishing, go to this site:

Get yourself and EIN and call it a night.



One thought on “Esther and Mia Owe Me

  1. Thanks for following my blog, sorry that you found it during a state of hiatus. I should be posting updates again in a week or so. If you have any requests for subjects you want me to cover; rules, lore, or anything else, just let me know. I’ll be happy to write an article or two.


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