Self-Publishing First Steps

After locating my EIN which I secured six months ago, I am ready to complete the self-publishing process.

I log into my CreateSpace account and complete the banking information. It feels very strange to supply my banking info…I feel suspicious. And I wonder if this info. is safe and secure. I do it anyway.

I am prompted to choose:


I choose Individual/Sole Proprietor because I am only planning to sell as myself, not with partners. C Corporations are taxed separately from its owners. S Corporations are not. Either way, Sole proprietorship is the simplest way to go and since I’m just starting out, this seems the best. I can always change it when I sell millions and make J.K. Rowling dough.


…and I get to input my EIN!

Next, I am to review my taxpayer information. It’s good to go.


Going forward, I need to work on items in my Project Dashboard:


Until tomorrow!



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