Show a Little Tenderness

K is for Kindness

To be kind means to be benevolent, to be compassionate and caring.

I am kinder on some days than others. When I’m not as kind as I’d like to be, it’s always because I am not being so kind to myself. Being hard on myself because I didn’t eat as healthy as I should have, or skipped my work out, or said or did something “dumb”…can lead me to show not-so-kind behavior to others.

If we were all kinder to ourselves, and we made a concerted effort to be kinder to others, this world would change.

Truly, I believe members of hate groups (such as the KKK) do not like themselves. They possess unsavory feelings about themselves and then their outlook on the world changes. They look for scapegoats to blame for their own unhappiness and fears.

Have you noticed when you’re really happy – happy with yourself and your life’s situation – the last thing you want is to be mean to others?

I wonder if you know the story behind the KIND bars. The founder (Daniel Lubetzky) is a son of a Holocaust survivor. He remembers his father telling him that while he was in the concentration camp, one German soldier threw him some potatoes, risking his own life in order to be kind.

Watch the three minute video. I love how this company says that “nice” is passive, but being kind is an ACTIVE verb!

kind bars.jpg





4 thoughts on “Show a Little Tenderness

  1. I do agree that happy people want to pass it on – but I also believe folks can work up to finding contentment that goes beyond circumstances and “happenings” – ya know?
    and when I am grumpy of irritable – it is usually sleep or stress related – but I get what you are saying about the negative self-talk and all that – however, I think there is mental illness involved with some of these hate crimes – dang…. it is so anti-society and it also deep anger in the roots…. hmmmmm
    goign to watch the KIND video now and wishing you a nice week. 🙂


    1. EXCELLENT points! Definitely true. I am striving for the “kindness regardless of situation.” And yes, some people with hate in their hearts (well, hate that the display) are mentally ill and beyond rehabilitation.

      Thank you for reading and for your insights!

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