Fuego Bistro


I don’t write restaurant critiques very often, but hubby took me out tonight for an early birthday date and Fuego Bistro was AMAZING!

We live in Mesa, AZ which is basically where fine restaurants come to die. After having lived in San Francisco (food mecca) for fifteen years, it’s been challenging to dine out in a city where McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Burger King monopolize the chow real estate. We have to drive to Scottsdale or Phoenix (or Gilbert or Chandler) for decent dining. (With the exception of Dolce Vita!)

Fuego Bistro

We ate at a table near a small waterfall on the outside patio.  Lit by strands of patio lights, it was romantic. They are a self-styled “urban Latin” establishment. I ordered their seafood kabob with the Fuego house salad and green chile cornbread sides. I also had a cabernet. ALL of it was amazing. Normally, I like cornbread, but I LOVE theirs!

Willey had the chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans. This is his favorite meal and Fuego’s twist on this common comfort food was adding a slightly spicy sauce over the chicken. He had a Malbec and gave it his rare sign of approval.

The service was incredible:  the host, our waitress, the water girl (seriously, I think she was 16?), all the other wait staff and bussers were super positive, energetic and attentive.

It’s obvious the owners fully appreciate the employees. Take a look at their message.

It goes to show you that if you acknowledge and applaud your human capital, you can achieve anything. They’ll love their work and do their best.

If you’re in the Phoenix area, you must check them out!

713 E. Palo Verde Drive

Phoenix, AZ  85014









7 thoughts on “Fuego Bistro

  1. This restaurant sounds wonderful and I love the way their staff members are all mentioned individually on the website. Thank you for sharing this and early happy birthday greetings from all of us here ☺🎈💖


  2. I did not know you were from the bay area for all those years – I can only imagine the culture change – not just with food- but other areas too. And it sounds like you have adapted – as you noted – by making drives as needed.
    anyhow, this place sounds great and it is such a joy to dine at a place where things are working right.


    1. Yes, the culture shock was extreme! My husband was born and raised in San Francisco and he came to AZ kicking and screaming. But he really likes it now. Our standard of living is much higher (more comfortable), but we miss the diversity and the fine dining. 🙂

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          1. Oh thanks – we are in Virginia – east coast was calling us and we answered – and I have one more family pic to add – one of us on the rocks at the James river – i guess we are the river city – been here more than ten years and have acclimated finally – but displacement is something I will likely feel for the rest of my life – but it is okay cos we can make home where we choose and then visit and soak up what we can – I have lived in five states and I miss different things from each place – ya know ?
            And did u know my stepdaughter used to live in chandler az? I like that area


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