Just a quick doodle and post today. I’m interviewing two people tonight for my research project on “First to Graduate from High School and/or College.” It’s my hope to compile a series of inspiring stories for graduate hopefuls and get those rates of retention up!

On the dog front, Olive is on Day Four at our house and is doing well, although she and Opal can argue when they don’t see eye to eye. Mostly though, they are pretty chill:

IMG-2293 (1)




5 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Need to tell the black and white one to chill a little. Good luck with your research. I was looking for females who went to Cambridge in the 70s. I think they all thought I was a nutcase, never got a nibble.

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  2. What a valiant project. I was the first in my family to graduate university, although it took me a few tries. My mother believed that women didn’t need an education beyond grade 11. I was the rebel, lol.

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