The Hexagon

Von Appen

I’m taking a podcast class. Seth Godin’s first lesson: start small. Your sister is your first guest…and then a neighbor…maybe a friend of a friend. But not until your sixth guest do you invite someone who has something “better to do.”

You’ll get more “yeses” once you’ve built your hexagon.

You need to develop your skills.

I love Seth’s closing: “Go make a ruckus.” I am thinking of my own…




Just a quick doodle and post today. I’m interviewing two people tonight for my research project on “First to Graduate from High School and/or College.” It’s my hope to compile a series of inspiring stories for graduate hopefuls and get those rates of retention up!

On the dog front, Olive is on Day Four at our house and is doing well, although she and Opal can argue when they don’t see eye to eye. Mostly though, they are pretty chill:

IMG-2293 (1)




Call for (Graduation) Interviewees


Hello everyone, I am conducting research on high school and college retention. If you know anyone who is the first to graduate from high school or college in their family, I’d like to interview them.

Please complete the form below and I will contact them

Thank you very much!


Caroline Chung-Wipff



One of the most valuable pieces of advice I have ever received was from my editor at a San Francisco paper.

I was freelancing as a writer and I was about to interview the oldest living person  in the United States at the time, a 107 year old woman in a nursing home. Bruce, the owner of the paper, said, “When you sit down for an interview, ask the question and wait. Wait longer than you want to because she might tell you something in that space you’d ask the next question.” And he was right.

Time and time again, this advice has been rewarding – in personal and professional – relationships.

Observe successful journalists, mentors and other “wise” people in your life. They listen.

Get comfortable with silence.  It could be full of meaning.