This Indecision’s Bugging Me*


As I pursue the National Board Certification for Teaching, I’m losing steam at the end. It’s feeling like maybe I’m not going to finish. A sprinkle of overwhelm and the bland mushiness of despair have rendered a toxic “Blah Stew.”

So I typed “quotes on finishing strong” to motivate me. The one above is pretty good. But then I found this one:


I’m going to continue on: I will complete the work. At the same time, I surrender to whatever happens.

It’s all good.


*The Clash









One thought on “This Indecision’s Bugging Me*

  1. Forget the MEMEs and win one for the Gipper and Vince Lombardi quotes. You put in the time, it’s your game. Fear rolls in at the completion of anything that has a given date. Most creative things we do, pardon the expression, give us the luxury of polishing a turd until we are happy with it, or forever. Certificates, graduations, tests…we run up on them with a background noise of dread, just like all students. Turn that down, turn yourself up, do the recital and step over it. Next!

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