If You’re Sad…


You are looking in the wrong places.

Don’t watch or read the news unless you can do so without reaction. (A challenge for me.)

People are good. My sister-in-law suffered a stroke. She’s only 50. We put up a GoFundMe and they received THREE times their goal.

A ten-year-old boy in our community lost his father to Covid. I collected money among our teachers and their network brought in $1,000 in two days. It’s still growing!

People are good. Remember that. Be the change you seek. Make effort for good.

page 25 of “Chloe the Clingfish”*


The doorbell rang. Chloe signed for her boxes and set them down by the door. She could hear B.B. King’s voice singing, “The thrill is gone. The thrill is gone away. The thrill is gone, baby.  The thrill is gone away…”


* a story about shopping addiction