Monday Meditation

bryan does yoga
Bryan Kest

I practice yoga at home. I don’t practice enough, but when I do, I like Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga video.

My favorite part of the practice is when he says:

“It’s not WHAT you do, but HOW you do what you do.” 

He says it slowly and it makes me think every time. Yes, how you do what you do.

Example #1:

Your server at the restaurant carefully places the plate in front of you, smiles and wordlessly refills your glass.


Your server brusquely sets your plate down and hurries off to the next table.

Example #2:

Your daughter tells you a story and you listen while looking at your cell phone. She feels like an after thought.


You give your daughter full attention – eyes and ears – as she tells you a story. She feels loved and respected.

We have our “to do” lists. We have jobs that have to be done. We do these action items day after day and they build up to weeks, months and years. This is called “our life.” There is no end to the things that need to be done. But the quality of our life is in the how of what we’ve done on a consistent basis.










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