Dear Garmin, Throw Me a Bone!

Dear Garmin,

A couple months ago, I received my Garmin Vivofit tracker. Thank you. It has put my OCD mind (a little) at ease because now I can confirm (and double and triple confirm) the number of steps I have taken and need to take, how much sleep I received the night before (including deep and light sleep hours) and, with the chest strap, I can track my heart rate and how many calories I burned.


But we need to talk. You and I know who purchases your products. People like me: control freaks. Obsessive, compulsive perfectionists. We sync our trackers just to watch our progress several times a day. We lock ourselves in the Starbucks bathroom and do a quick jog until the red line of shame goes away.

Red Line of Shame



So why – oh why – do you torture me when I am stuck in the optometrist’s office for a three hour appointment (the doctor had to check not only my eyes, but the health of my two daughters’ eyes, too)? Why do you state the obvious?




By the way, when I walk more than usual, I don’t receive a “Wow, you’re exceeding your average – way to go!” You don’t send me a message appreciating the fact that it’s 108 degrees  out there and that I still managed to surpass my goals. Please, go easy. Take mercy on us tracker users. We’re a damaged breed.

Compulsively Yours,




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