It’s OK

We all ought to be more like dogs, if we want to live joyful lives and be good people.

“I can’t walk you this morning, I’m running late.”

“It’s OK.”

I’ll just do Down Dog, then.

“You will have to be all alone today, for 9 hours. I’m sorry.”

“It’s OK.”

20160801_184022 (1)
I’ll take a nap.


“We ran out of your favorite treats, so no treats for you today.”

“It’s OK. I can still rub my back on the carpet and meditate.”

I love this rug.



One thought on “It’s OK

  1. What a cute post. As a doggy owner myself I totally get it. Although I gotta say it breaks my heart having to leave my dog alone most of the day. I feel like it’s a bit unfair for her and let’s face it, she lays the guilt on thick with that puppy face.


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